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The Wall That Heals - Homepage


The Heritage Chapter of the Freedom Through Vigilance Association is proud to sponsor The Wall That Heals memorial display in San Angelo.

The Heritage Chapter is comprrised of career military and professional persons who served in the United states Air Force Security Service and later commands. Our goal is to honor and preserve the legacy of military service and to educate young intelligence professionals about this rich heritage.

In order to provide visitor information, assistance and site security we need your help. If you would like to help, please complete and submit the volunteer form at the bottom of this page.

Volunteer Responsibilities
We must have people on-site 24/7.  Volunteers will primarily assist visitors, guiding them through the exhibit and answering questions.  “Cheat sheets” will be available.


Volunteer Training
Training for all volunteers will be held on Wednesday, 15 November, 5:30 PM, at the Fort Concho Parade Grounds.   Staff members from TWTH exhibit will conduct the training session, which will provide you with information about the exhibit, how to handle large and small groups, etc.  The session should last approximately one hour.  We need as many of the volunteers there for the training as possible!  


If there are any questions regarding volunteering, please contact JJ Graham at rggraha@hotmail.com or at (325) 651-4236 (please leave a message). 
Thank you for your support!

Please reference the days & times below when choosing your time.

Thursday, Nov16 - 2am to 8am - 1 volunteers needed. (1 spot filled)
Thursday, Nov 16 - 8am to Noon - 1 volunteers needed. (4 spots filled)
Thursday, Nov 16 - 9am to Noon - 1 volunteers needed. (2 spots filled)
Thursday, Nov 16 - Noon to 3pm - 1 volunteers needed. (2 spots filled)
Thursday, Nov 16 - Noon to 4pm - 4 volunteers needed. (1 spot filled)
Thursday, Nov 16 - 4pm to 8pm - 1 volunteers needed. (4 spots filled)
Thursday, Nov 16 - 8pm to 2am - 1 volunteers needed. (1 spot filled)

Friday, Nov 17 - 2am to 8am - 1 volunteers needed. (1 spot filled)
Friday, Nov 17 - Noon to 4pm - 2 volunteers needed. (3 spots filled)

Saturday, Nov 18 - 2am to 8am - 2 volunteers needed.

Sunday, Nov 19 - 8am to Noon - 1 volunteers needed. (4 spots filled)